Gifted and Talented


It is often challenging to find and maintain friendships, meet the expectations of others and ourselves, and feel comfortable in competitive and high-demand environments. In this group there is an opportunity to meet others and share or just listen and find ways to better cope with and manage the exceptional demands of the gifted and talented world on a relational level. Dr. Katherine Pang is a member of MENSA. $100 per person per session

Communication in Relationships

Why is it so hard to be heard? Why is it so frustrating to communicate in a relationship? It is so easy to be misunderstood and to feel hurt because of challenges with communication in a relationship. This group is focused on practical and proven techniques to better understand our own styles of communication and those of the ones we love so as to minimize frustration and hurt and maximize the heart of the relationship. The group will use The Five Languages of Love, the Big 5 Personality, and  other well known resources. $100 per couple per session

For more information about when groups meet and to join a group please e-mail Dr. Katherine Pang at with the group name and your contact information

Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

This group will use Gregory Lantz well-known book combined with Biblical principles to share together and develop ways to find peace and victory over worry, anxiety, and fear. This group is a 4 month (16 week) commitment. Call for information on the start date of the next group or please contact Dr. Katherine Pang at to join this group share and study. $75 per person per session

Other GroupsOther groups form on a regular basis so please e-mail or call for information about more groups that may be of interest to you..